Best Jerseys in the Premier League

So far most of the teams have dropped their kits for the 2018/19 season that begins on Friday with Manchester United v Leicester City. If you’re anything like me you get excited for all the new looks out there and some of the crazy ones too. Let’s take a look at the best 10 that…… Continue reading Best Jerseys in the Premier League

2017/18 Premier League Wrap-up

The English Premier League came to an end today with a bit of a lack luster Championship Sunday after almost all the drama was decided already. Swansea had an outside shot of staying up and Chelsea had even longer odds of securing a top four spot. Outside of that Manchester City had wrapped up the…… Continue reading 2017/18 Premier League Wrap-up

Champions League is underway! (Power Rankings)

This season’s Champions League is underway and the big teams are off to a great start. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG, and Bayern Munich getting convincing wins in their first group stage game. That is expected and the real drama won’t start until we get to the knockout stages, so let’s…… Continue reading Champions League is underway! (Power Rankings)