CFB National Championship Prediction!

There are a ton of ways to attempt to break down this game from matchups to trying to guess who will make mistakes. I have seen every snap of Alabama football this year and 90% of Georgia’s snaps as well. The first thing anyone will notice is these teams are mirror images of each other.…… Continue reading CFB National Championship Prediction!

Will this finally be Saban’s perfect retirement sendoff?

As the Crimson Tide look to get their 5th National Championship in 9 years is the time of Nick Saban finally winding down. This would be his 6th NC, tying him with the legend Paul “Bear” Bryant, and would start the conversation of what’s next?! At the age of 66 it would make sense for…… Continue reading Will this finally be Saban’s perfect retirement sendoff?

What even happened with Jimbo Fisher?!

I have patiently waited to write this because I wanted to have the whole process complete before I let my feelings be known. If you’re unaware I am a Florida State fan so I feel like my take on this whole situation is somewhat different than most of the national pundits. Jimbo Fisher is now…… Continue reading What even happened with Jimbo Fisher?!

Our very first Podcast

Matty Sims and I got fucked up and talked about lots of different things. This electrifying conversation includes College Football, NBA, Flat Earthers, Going to the bathroom (3 times), Stoop Reviews, and getting old. Also Matty discusses his upcoming short film that everyone needs to check out when he finishes it. (We will get better…… Continue reading Our very first Podcast