Western Conference Finals Preview/Prediction

The time has come for the team built to beat the Warriors to get their chance at doing just that. The Houston Rockets did everything right this season including locking up home court throughout the playoffs. That’s the only real chance you can have against this current Golden State team. The combo of James Harden/Chris…… Continue reading Western Conference Finals Preview/Prediction

Eastern Conference Finals Preview/Prediction

The time has finally come for Lebron and Cleveland to roll into Boston and start the ECF. This was the story line everyone had hoped for this offseason “Lebron vs Kyrie”, “Is Kyrie ready to dethrone the King”. All those beautiful headlines that could have been combined with the Cavs midseason struggles was something every…… Continue reading Eastern Conference Finals Preview/Prediction

Our very first Podcast

Matty Sims and I got fucked up and talked about lots of different things. This electrifying conversation includes College Football, NBA, Flat Earthers, Going to the bathroom (3 times), Stoop Reviews, and getting old. Also Matty discusses his upcoming short film that everyone needs to check out when he finishes it. (We will get better…… Continue reading Our very first Podcast