How does a University get held hostage by an employee for 12+ hours?

Today the entire sports world was captivated by the ongoing saga at Ohio State. Although I am not surprised by the conclusion and punishment handed down, I am in shock at how today was handled. How does one of the biggest and frankly most respected Universities in the country allow this thing to play out in public like they did? I can’t imagine that the reports of Urban Meyer refusing punishment could have possibly caused this to go on all day.

After a two plus week investigation by a committee concluded they were to shared their findings with the Board of Trustees and President. So what took place in that room for the entire day that would cause them to become the laughing stock of the sports world. Every expert pretty much predicted this exact punishment over the last week and they could have easily just not announced every step publicly. This, if nothing else, would have prevented media and fans alike to crowd around a loading dock and dumpsters for hours on end.

As reported by multiple sources the hang up was the suspension vs no punishment (time served). If an employee of mine was unwilling to accept punishment for obvious missteps in the handling of something like domestic violence my immediate reaction would be to fire them. The problem with that is everyone in that room was more worried about the bottom line and winning football games and Urban knew that he could use that in his favor. If Ohio State had fired him and not been able to “show cause” then they would have owed him around $39 million so that was never going to happen with the information the public has. That along with Meyer’s success basically put him in a position of power although it was his mistakes that lead to this whole situation.

At the core I believe that Urban was never going to fire Zach Smith if it weren’t for the digging by Brett McMurphy. Once again though it is shocking that an employee can hold his employers hostage but then again it’s a reminded that these college football coaches are typically the highest paid state employees and also have the corresponding power. Even if they don’t have that amount of power their ego’s won’t allow them to think differently and we have seen that time after time. (Think Hugh Freeze haha)

We will see how this suspension and just circus in general will play into the team but it is just another knock against Urban Meyer the man. Which although that label of a bad person is deserved at this point, it overshadows what should be considered one of the best coaching careers in CFB history. In conclusion I’m a little bummed we didn’t get “Urban crying on a golf cart eating Papa Johns 2.0”.


Via: SB Nation


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