Best Jerseys in the Premier League

So far most of the teams have dropped their kits for the 2018/19 season that begins on Friday with Manchester United v Leicester City. If you’re anything like me you get excited for all the new looks out there and some of the crazy ones too. Let’s take a look at the best 10 that have been released so far.

10) Manchester City (Away)

Man City Away Kit


I really like the hint of highlighter yellow in this kit and the simple stripes including the powder blue color that City is known for.


9) Bournemouth (Home)

bournemouth home kit


This is a perfect example of a team having the perfect sponsor. The simplicity of this kit is what makes it great all the way down to the shorts and socks.


8) Leicester City (Third)

leicester city third


Color scheme is great and the sponsor fits well again. Adidas seems to find a way to make simple look special and this is no exception.


7) Watford (Home)

watford home


Bumble Bee look really works here. I love that the sleeves are black and the creative way to have the Adidas logo be black works as well. The sponsor logo matches with Watford’s primary colors perfectly as well. (Now if we could just get Deeney to uncross his arms)


6) Chelsea (Home)

chelsea home


Similar to the main Nike template but with the clean lines and perfect sponsor logo again. I really like how smooth the lines look fading in and out across the kit.


5) Manchester United (Third)

manchester united third


Not only is this a clean kit but it serves a few purposes. It pays homage to the 1968 Champions League winners and also is made from Parley Ocean Plastic. Love the use of gold in the crest and kit makers logo.


4) Newcastle (Away)

newcastle away


This would be number one on the list if the didn’t put the names and numbers on the back in white. It was a perfect chance to put them in gold and complete this awesome kit. None the less I still really like the hoops and the color combination here.


3) Crystal Palace (Away)

crystal palace away


A throwback kit that works really well. These things look amazing and makes me wish there were 70’s and 80’s matches in HD video because the kits must of been perfect.


2) Fulham (Home)

fulham home


Something about Fulham in their white/black kits just belongs in the Premier League and they are finally back. On top of that they release these perfect kits that I can guarantee will fly off the racks.


1) Arsenal (Third)

arsenal third kit


The color scheme on these are second to none. Combine that with the creative inclusion of the sleeve sponsor and you have me favorite kits for the Premier League this season,


There are still a few kits to be released but I think these are your best to date and I can’t wait to see how they all look in live action. What is your favorite? Let me know.


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