Eastern Conference Finals Preview/Prediction

The time has finally come for Lebron and Cleveland to roll into Boston and start the ECF. This was the story line everyone had hoped for this offseason “Lebron vs Kyrie”, “Is Kyrie ready to dethrone the King”. All those beautiful headlines that could have been combined with the Cavs midseason struggles was something every NBA fan was ready for. Unfortunately we won’t get that fairy tale ending, instead we get a talented but green Boston team that is overachieving  and a veteran Cleveland team that is in cruise control.

There are a ton of ways to dive into this match up but the one big factor is Lebron James. He will be the driving force of this series, if he continues to be as dominant and efficient as he has been all season then the Celtics will find it very hard to keep pace. This Cavs offense is so good at playing in the half court that they are one of the highest scoring teams but also one of the slowest teams. That combination with Lebron handling the ball every possession makes the hard to slow down. If JR Smith, Kyle Korver, and Kevin Love can stay hot from three then it’s lights out. The Celtics on the other hand were much better in the second round at getting consistent offense. They will go as Al Horford goes in this series, there is no player on Cleveland (Outside Lebron) that can stop him with his array of post moves. Marcus Morris made it clear he thinks he is the second best player in the league at guarding Lebron James. Even though the stats say completely different as James was 8-16 shooting, 24 pts, 10 assist and 1 turnover in 55 possessions against Morris this season. I believe the C’s need to put a younger guy on Lebron in Jalen Brown and let Morris lock down Love when Thompson is on the floor and chase Korver around when he isn’t.

In the end I have Cleveland in 5. They will split the first two games in Boston and then finish the Celtics off on the return for game 5. This series needs a Kyrie Irving to give us the drama we are all looking for. Instead he is on the bench nursing a knee injury, maybe next season…


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