CFB National Championship Prediction!

There are a ton of ways to attempt to break down this game from matchups to trying to guess who will make mistakes. I have seen every snap of Alabama football this year and 90% of Georgia’s snaps as well. The first thing anyone will notice is these teams are mirror images of each other. Obviously certain players stand out for each team but at the core these teams are so similar in their approach that it’s almost scary.

One thing to keep an eye on that I believe could be a big advantage for Bama is TE Irv Smith. He is underused (Shocker!!!) in their offense but in a game against a team with an elite front 7 like Georgia expect the play action pass to be the goto for The Tide. Kirby and Mel Tucker will make sure to bracket Calvin Ridley and not give up those explosive plays over the top. So Smith could be the guy to occupy those safeties and either open up the run game or the outside receivers.

Georgia’s offense will need to get off to a quick start on the ground to get Bama off balance. Chubb and Michel can run against this defense but they need to make sure when it isn’t there that they get a yard and live to fight another play. Alabama lives off getting you in long 3rd down situations and then eventually you press and make a mistake that changes the game. Even last week against Clemson, that game was 10-6 nearly halfway through the 3rd when Payne makes the crazy interception and puts the game out of reach.

As far as my prediction goes I have gone back and forth a million times and one constant keeps coming up. NICK SABAN! I have to go with Alabama in this game simply because I trust Saban not to mess up a late game situation (unless it’s on the FG kicker).


Final Score: Alabama 27 – Georgia 13


Also if you are a fan of a team in another conference you probably won’t want to watch. This is one of those games that will only be entertaining to people directly invested.


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