What even happened with Jimbo Fisher?!

I have patiently waited to write this because I wanted to have the whole process complete before I let my feelings be known. If you’re unaware I am a Florida State fan so I feel like my take on this whole situation is somewhat different than most of the national pundits. Jimbo Fisher is now the Texas A&M coach and FSU has brought in Willie Taggart to take his place.

I really want to start with what Jimbo did for the program and how much I appreciate him for that. First thing he did was to make sure the focus was put on modernizing the facilities and get us up to speed with some of the premier programs in the country. Next he brought in guys that were great recruiters. Beyond that was his focus on QB’s and making sure that position would never be a problem. Obviously he got so much more than that with first round draft picks in Ponder, Manuel, and Winston. With those talents came ACC Championships, a National Championship, and Elite status for the program again.

Now we get to the last three weeks and what did and didn’t happen and why are people so upset. After the Florida game on Thanksgiving weekend the rumors really started for Jimbo to leave for A&M. He did his usual where he says he “Doesn’t talk about other jobs.” which is coach speak for pleading the fifth. As early as Tuesday it was fairly clear that he was leaving and only trying to delay the process so he could coach the final game against ULM but that was a huge problem. FSU was playing an extra game because of the Hurricane and really needed to know what was going on because they were falling behind on the coaching search and recruiting. As he delayed and delayed the players starting demanding answer and even deciding not to play in the game if Jimbo was still around. Finally on Friday morning he was officially gone and the Jimbo Fisher era was over.

Keeping the program, fans and most importantly the players in the dark was a shady deal. That being said I personally can’t judge a man on one week after he gave over a decade to the team. He deserves to be remembered for the accomplishments that are quite impressive. So I wish John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr. the best of luck at Texas A&M and I thank him for the way he helped grow the brand of Florida State to great levels.



I will be doing a look ahead to the Willie Taggart era soon…


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