Eli Manning Benched?


Photo Credit: The Wall Street Journal

Look I am one of the first to make fun of Eli for his facial expressions, Manning Face if you will, and for the amount of interceptions he has thrown. Also how in the world did he win two Super Bowls over Tom Brady?!!! With all that said the Giants coaching staff, Mainly Head Coach Ben McAdoo, are complete idiots on this decision and need to be fired immediately.

Some may see that take as an overreaction but it’s going to happen in 5 weeks no matter what so John Mara (Co-Owner) needs to step in and make that change now. This isn’t about Eli’s 210 game starting streak but more about the move itself. If there was a young rookie that the Giants wanted to give a chance to then I’m all for it but that’s not the case. Instead you’re bringing Geno Smith into an offense that is missing 3 of it’s 4 top receivers, has a rookie tight end, no running game, and the worst offensive line in the league. Not to mention the fact that Geno Smith has shown us all he is better at holding a clip board than ever taking the field in a meaningful game.

Next that brings me to the actual rookie QB on the roster that needs to be evaluated. Davis Webb is a guy that comes from a spread system and was always going to take time to develop. Leaving him as the #3 QB and he most likely won’t dress for the game Sunday against the Raiders makes this decision even more baffling. As I said before it makes sense for a 2-9 team to give the young guy reps in a game even if that is at the expense of a borderline Hall of Fame veteran. But NO! This is personal obviously and this is the type of move that insures McAdoo won’t get another Head Coaching job anytime soon. I am not sure what happened behind the scenes but Eli publicly backed McAdoo getting promoted to head coach and all signs have pointed to them having a great relationship.

As for the future who knows how this season will play out but I can guarantee this is Eli’s last in New York. Teams like Jacksonville will probably look to bring him in for a year or two as they seem to have all the pieces to make a run. What a sad way for this weird relationship to end, after refusing to play for the Chargers and ultimately getting traded on draft night to this. After making the most impossible Super Bowl runs including beating the undefeated Patriots. After getting a superstar WR in Odell Beckham Jr and seeming heading in the right direction it has all come to this.

The Mara family are known for being some of the best owners in the NFL and I would challenge them to step up and fix this wrong. Show Eli the respect he has shown to your organization for the last decade plus. Get the greasy haired bozo out of the way and make this right for everyone involved.


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