Who is Cam Newton?

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants

As a man we have been able to paint a picture of who Cam Newton is, he is the humanitarian who goes above and beyond for the community. He is a great father of two kids with his long time girlfriend, he is a motivational speaker, he also has his own clothing line. With all of that said who is the football player Cam Newton? Is he the freak of nature that took over College Football in 2010 with the Auburn Tigers. Is he that same player that dominated the NFL on his way to a MVP award in 2015? Or is he more of what we have seen in between that?

A quick search of his name and you will see all the accolades this man has racked up at only 28 years old but if you dig deeper you will find the other years. His excellence seems to come in spurts and that’s not a recipe for success as a NFL quarterback. The things I like to look at for a QB like Cam is his overall production (Passing TD’s, Rushing TD’s, QB Rating) and that will help paint a picture. An example of that would be in 2015 he was only 9th best in QB Rating but that doesn’t factor in the 10 rushing TD’s. So you have to slide the scale a bit but he has only thrown for 4,000 yards once (his rookie year) and hasn’t run for over 640 yards since his second season. The most troubling stat for me is his completion percentage year in and year out. He is almost always below 60% and that is not a good thing for a QB who attempts under 500 passes most years.

I think Cam has the ability to change any game but I also don’t consider him an Elite QB in the NFL and I think his best days are behind him as he will run less and less as his career goes on. That being said he doesn’t need to be 2015 MVP winning Cam to be a good QB that can take his team places. So I am rooting for him to stay healthy and keep getting better so we can watch him for a long time to come. I just wouldn’t put Cam Newton in the Hall of Fame just yet and he probably won’t ever get there. I can never take away one of the most dominate College season’s ever and also one the most electrifying NFL season’s a QB has put together but we need to see him do those things over and over again if he wants a Gold Jacket when it’s all said and done.


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