Champions League is underway! (Power Rankings)


This season’s Champions League is underway and the big teams are off to a great start. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG, and Bayern Munich getting convincing wins in their first group stage game. That is expected and the real drama won’t start until we get to the knockout stages, so let’s look forward to teams that really have a chance of winning this thing by making a power ranking list. We will revisit this list as the season progresses and try to keep you informed.

  1. Real Madrid – Defending Champions and have shown no signs of slowing down
  2. PSG – The additions of Neymay and Mbappe have made them a favorite
  3. Bayern Munich – The German Champions are as consistent as any team
  4. Barcelona – They still have Messi…
  5. Manchester United – The injury to Pogba will hurt but Lukaku is a difference maker

These five teams have shown their worth but remember we are only one game in and things can obviously change as this competition goes on. Check back in about a month for an update to our Champions League Power Rankings.


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