College Football Preview


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As we countdown our Top 25 over the next month we will look forward to key matchups and potential must win games. Camps are beginning to open and teams are prepping for their opening games but the college football world is focused on a coach and a program that will not be a factor this season. Ole Miss have come a long way from the most recent glory days with Eli Manning and now face their toughest times since the mid 90’s. Back then it was Tommy Tuberville that came and saved the day. Who will help dig them out this time?

The answer to that question is maybe the only reason to pay attention to a program that has a self imposed bowl ban and doesn’t figure to be much of a story once we kick off. Their peers in the SEC do kick off the season with many intriguing games which include a potential Top 3 clash of titans. We have never seen an opening game between #1 & #2 and Ohio State may ruin it for us again. That being said there is no doubt that the Alabama v FSU game will set the tone for the entire season. Alabama is coming off a heartbreaking championship game loss and a lot of turnover on the defensive side of the ball. The Seminoles don’t have a lot of guys to replace but there are major holes left by some all time players in Dalvin Cook and Demarcus Walker.

Along with that game we have huge games between Florida and Michigan in Jerry’s World. A interesting matchup between Texan A&M and UCLA that may see the losing coach ultimately losing their job. The other big test is Tennessee facing off against Georgia Tech in the final game of the opening weekend. All 6 of these teams have huge questions to answer and won’t have the luxury of figuring that out in a warm up game. Other potential season making games in the first couple weeks are West Virginia v Va Tech, Auburn at Clemson, Georgia at Notre Dame, Oklahoma at Ohio State, and Stanford at USC.

We will learn a lot about almost every team before October with all the great out of conference games and in some cases conference play starting early. The countdown begins August 1st with our #25 team and will continue all the way up to Week 0 kick off. Stayed tuned for some in depth looks into opening game breakdowns as we inch closer to football again.


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